Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indoor Herb Garden

My sister and I purchased an indoor herb garden kit from Home Depot, and planted seeds for oregano, chives, parsley, and cilantro on Saturday. I installed a full spectrum light into my hutch and placed it above the pots. I also raised the pots so that when the seeds germinated, the plants would be close to the light.

Just today (5 days later), I noticed that the Oregano seeds had germinated (pictured above). It's amazing how such a tiny little seed and cotyledon can produce such a large plant. I look forward to using fresh herbs all year long, if successful!

In addition to the Oregano seeds germinating, when I looked closely at the other pots, I saw a chive just starting to poke it's head above the soil. It is really tiny, but alive! I'll keep track of when I plant seeds and the progress of my garden on my calendar on my website:

(Note: I took these photos with my Canon Rebel XS using the EFS 60mm macro lens. I LOVE seeing how close I can focus in on the tiny details.)

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